â??Massive licenceâ?? racing project at Eutechnyx

â??Massive licenceâ?? racing project at Eutechnyx

By Rob Crossley

April 9th 2010 at 4:13PM

Studio is working on game with 'most extreme' damage in a driving game

UK indie stronghold Eutechnyx has revealed it is working on three current projects – one of which is “a racing game based on a massive license" that the studio been working on for the past year.

In an interview with Develop, Eutechnyx COO Darren Jobling said the new game boasts “realistic damage modelling – the most extreme in any licensed racing game”.

He added: “It's also got a real sense of ‘the event’ – immersing the player in the spectacle of the experience.”

Elsewhere in the FAQ interview, Jobling professed his love for the ‘Tons of Sobs’ LP by Free.

“Paul Kossoff was a guitar genius and ‘Walk in my Shadow’ is the reason why,” he said.

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