Madden lead producer leaves EA

Madden lead producer leaves EA

By Ed Fear

February 7th 2008 at 5:26PM

David Ortiz departs Tiburon studio

David Ortiz, lead producer of the Madden series, has left EA Tiburon for 'family reasons', says 1up.

However, the site's sources are indicating that the real reason behind the departure is due to growing frustration at the studio's inner workings – although the official EA word denies this.

"David's been a valuable part of our team at EA Tiburon, and we wish him the best. Dale Jackson, an EA veteran for more than a decade, continues to lead the Madden NFL development team," said an EA spokesperson.

1up is also reporting that Phil Frazier, a veteran member of staff at the Tiburon studio who has recently been involved in NFL Tour, will take Ortiz's role for future versions of Madden.