Kujuâ??s Vatra booked for next Silent Hill

Kujuâ??s Vatra booked for next Silent Hill

By Stuart Richardson

April 12th 2010 at 12:03PM

Brno-based studio to develop new Konami franchise title

Konami has revealed a teaser trailer for the next Silent Hill title, currently being developed by Czech studio Vatra Games.

Gamasutra reported on the revelation, suggesting that Konami’s promise that “the silence ends” in June could well mean a big reveal at this year’s E3.

Vatra is a subsidiary of the recently busy UK-based Kuju, who has just reshuffled their management with the appointment of Nigel Robbins as CEO.

Vatra is among several Western studios that have taken on Silent Hill titles since Konami moved the series’ development out of Japan in 2007 with Silent Hill: Origins.