Kojima takes next Metal Gear to 360

Kojima takes next Metal Gear to 360

By Ben Parfitt

June 1st 2009 at 8:52PM

E3'09: Hideo Kojima confirms the news that many have been predicting for months

Konami’s famed games producer Hideo Kojima has announced that his next Metal Gear Solid adventure will be released on the Xbox 360.

Dubbed Metal Gear Solid Rising, the game will return to the adventures of MGS2 adventurer Raiden and not famed series favourite Solid Snake.

Little is known of the game, other than the fact that Kojima described it as a brand new type of game that differs significantly from its predecessors.

The news also seems to confirm that MGS5 will not be coming to Xbox 360. The bigger question now is this – will Metal Gear Solid Rising be coming to PS3?