Kojima predicts the death of consoles

Kojima predicts the death of consoles

By Ben Parfitt

April 7th 2010 at 4:14PM

Tokyo event sees MGS creator predict the death of the console in front of SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano

Hideo Kojima has joined the list of industry execs that foresee the sector turn away from its tradition of console systems.

And the Metal Gear Solid series creator believes that the so-called death of consoles will follow from the a rise in cloud-like computing technology.

“In the near future, we'll have games that don't depend on any platform,” Kojima told attendees at a Tokyo-based MGS event.

“Gamers should be able to take the experience with them in their living rooms, on the go, when they travel – wherever they are and whenever they want to play."

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