Kickstarter drama as Republique scrapes through

Kickstarter drama as Republique scrapes through

By Rob Crossley

May 11th 2012 at 4:02PM

$500,000 target hit just hours before final deadline

iPhone project Republique has reached its $500,000 funding target on Kickstarter after a dramatic 48 hours  that saw the final $100,000 raised.

The project appeared almost certain to not hit its finance target, but extensive lobbying from developer Camoflaj had secured a dramatic last-gasp funding drive.

The full $500,000 target was reached with just seven hours remaining.

Republique is the debut project from new Washington studio Camoflaj; a developer established by Metal Gear Solid 4 associate producer Ryan Payton.

Upon discovering the game had hit its final funding target, Payton wrote on his personal Twitter account:

"Thank you everyone! This has been surreal. (Trying not to cry like a big baby right now.)"

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