Keynote speakers set for Nordic Game 2010

Keynote speakers set for Nordic Game 2010

By Stuart Richardson

March 18th 2010 at 3:34PM

Segerstråle, de Fondaumière and Lethinen to headline event

The keynote speakers for an industry conference to be held in Sweden on 28-29 April have been announced.

Playfish CEO and social gaming advocate Kristian Segerstråle will read the opening keynote on 28 April. He will talk on the theme of gaming entrepreneurship.

Co-CEO of Quantic Dream Guillaume de Fondaumière will hold the next keynote on media convergence.

Finally, Finnish Remedy’s art director Saku Lethinen will read the closing keynote on upcoming title Alan Wake.

Nordic Game 201 is taking place place in Malmö, Sweden. Early-bird registrations for the event will receive up to 44% off ticket prices.