Key coding hires boost 'Halo Franchise Management Team'

Key coding hires boost 'Halo Franchise Management Team'
Michael French

By Michael French

August 29th 2008 at 9:50AM

Gearbox and id programmers join Microsoft Game Studios, says report

A report on Kotaku confirms that Microsoft is still staffing up its 'Halo Franchise Management Team', having reportedly hired husband and wife coding team, Gearbox's Corrine Yu and id's Kenneth Scott.

The two have joined Microsoft Game Studios, with Yu said to be working for the team developing the Halo franchise, which includes a project with Peter Jackson and sequels to Bungie's bestselling series.

Yu was formerly director of technology at Gearbox. Husband Scott was id's art director.

Previously, Microsoft confirmed the existence of the Halo management team via a workplace equality promotion, focusing on the team's head Kiki Wolfkill. At the time she and the Microsoft described the unit as a good example of diversity in the workplace, given that it is headed by a female coder.

Earlier this week, rumours also swirled that Yu's former employer was working on Halo 4.