Job losses at Mythic

Job losses at Mythic

By Ben Parfitt

January 20th 2009 at 10:15AM

Warhammer Online developer the latest to be affected by EA cost-cutting measures

It seems that the Mythic Entertainment, the developer of successful PC MMO Warhammer: Online, has become the latest EA-owned studio to face losses as a result of the cost-cutting measures currently being implemented by the North American games publisher.

Joystiq reports that the studio’s playtesting group, half of its QA contingent and 21 customer service reps have all been let go.

An EA spokesperson said that the firm had already announced “cost-cutting initiatives that includes facility closures and a headcount reductions”, adding that no further statements will be made for the time being.

Warhammer: Online is not thought to be under threat.

Develop has contacted EA for clarification.