Javaground releases Java-to-iPhone converter

Javaground releases Java-to-iPhone converter

By Ed Fear

January 19th 2009 at 11:06AM

New Xpress Suite component allows reuse of existing code

Javaground has released a new component of its Xpress Suite that automatically generates native iPhone apps from Java source code.

The technology negates the need to reprogram platform-specific parts of the source in Objective C – and the Xpress Suite as a whole can create Java source that works on over 2000 devices, including J2ME, Brew, Android and iPhone handsets.

“The mobile market is shifting from mainly Java and Brew porting to cross-platform porting, as evidenced by the rise of the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms,” said Alex Kral, CEO and co-founder of Javaground.

“Javaground is committed to continually improving its Xpress Suite to stay ahead of the competition and offer increasing value to its customers as demonstrated by our new fully-automated cross-platform converter.”