iOS developers can now implement paid app subscriptions

iOS developers can now implement paid app subscriptions
Matthew Jarvis

By Matthew Jarvis

September 5th 2016 at 10:29AM

Auto-renewal, tiers and up to 85 per cent revenue among the offerings for mobile creators

Apple has launched the ability for devs on the App Store to offer paid subscriptions for their games.

The feature was announced back in June, with one of the headline figures promising developers 85 per cent of revenue share for each user that remains subscribed for longer than a year – with the developer’s take sitting at 70 per cent for the first 12 months.

All app genres and formats are now permitted to offer a subscription model, The Verge reports, extending from the previous limitation to cloud storage and media streaming apps.

Apple’s guidelines for iOS devs go into further detail about the service, including support for auto-renewed subscriptions and tiered offerings for different levels of subscription, including various price levels for separate territories.

Devs can also use the auto-renewal function to maintain a lower price for early users, who can continue to pay the same price even if the price is later raised – as long as they stay subscribed.