By Owain Bennallack

November 28th 2008 at 11:36AM

Develop chats to MD Colin Anderson and internal development manager Gary Penn

Award-winning Scots studio Denki carved out a unique niche with its early entry into interactive TV development, but now it's having another sniff around DS and PSP, as well as looking at iPhone.

“Right now we're beavering away on a couple of brand new Denki Games, one for Xbox Live Arcade and one for the Wii,” MD Colin Anderson tells Develop. “We're also finishing off a few interactive TV games and then we'll probably be turning our attention to the iPhone. We've no shortage of great ideas we want to turn in to Denki Games – our only limitation's going to be time and people.”

Elsewhere in the interview, industry legend and Denki internal development manager Gary Penn laments the current state of the mobile phone gaming market: “Mobile phone gaming still sucks ass, which is really disappointing after all this time. Don't take that the wrong way – there's some really good games out there despite everything, but the process from "I want to play a game on my phone" to "I'm having fun" totally sucks ass.”

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