Innovation charms Dare judges

Innovation charms Dare judges
Michael French

By Michael French

August 22nd 2006 at 4:30PM

Winners of the 2006 Dare to be Digital awards have been announced, with a batch of games pushing forward new concepts getting the top prizes.

Devised to encourage game production skills amongst students, Dare to be Digital is run by the University of Abertay, Dundee.

Three main prizes of £2000 went to three titles. Artisan, a group of Abertay students, won the Most Commercial Potential prize for the DS game Metalheads, which uses magnetism as its main gameplay device.

Elsewhere, Log2n's mouse gesture-based Flux won Greatest Innovation and Creativity, while Rule of Thumb's Gal-Ex: Spatial Delivery took home Best Use of Technology.

A full listing of the winners for the student-facing awards is given below.

Richard Leinfellner, Electronic Arts’ executive producer and vice president compared the award ceremony and was chairman of the judges: "It has been great to work with Dare for the fourth year running," he commented. "I am continually impressed with the quality of talent this innovative & unique experience manages to attract. It is by far the best pre-employment proving ground for the interactive entertainment sector."

The winners in full:

  • Best International Scholar - Pradeep Dewars of Artisan
  • Best Team Leader (£500) - Gavan Acton of Log2n
  • Best Artist - Jason Su of Phaigo Interactive
  • Best Programmer - Alan McNicholas of Rule of Thumb
  • The Virtuoso Prize - Nicholas Koumentakis of Phaigo Interactive
  • Best Team Players (£500) - Rule of Thumb
  • Most Commercial Potential (£2000) - Artisan (Metalheads)
  • Greatest Innovation and Creativity (£2000) - Log2n (Flux)
  • Best Use of Technology for Product Delivery (£2000) - Rule of (Gal Ex: Spacial Delivery)
  • Best use of Screenwriting (£1000)  - Phaigo Interactive (Spaceport)