Infinity Ward considering dedicated MW 3 servers

Infinity Ward considering dedicated MW 3 servers

By Stuart Richardson

June 9th 2011 at 12:24PM

E3 2011: Latest installment of FPS mega-franchise aims to offer PC community â??all the bells and whistlesâ?

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward has said that the studio is “having conversations” about dedicated Modern Warfare 3 servers.

In a GameFront interview the IW creative strategist said his studio wanted PC gamers to be able to enjoy the third MW title as soon as they had installed it.

“It’s very important for us on the PC to make sure we have a solid min-spec base, so that the majority of our PC users can enjoy the game out-of-box, run it smooth, exactly how they expect,” he said.

“As you get later on in the development cycle, you get to the point where you start focusing on PC-specific features. It’s the one platform that has specific things that go only into that version.”

And of dedicated servers, Bowling was careful not to say too much.

“I can’t confirm anything yet, but right now we’re having conversations about dedicated servers, mod tools and post launch support,” he said.

“I can’t give you an answer yet on what will be included. My ideal philosophy on the PC is to have matchmaking for the guys who just want to jump in, hit ‘play game’ and start playing.

“But let’s not lose that dedicated core audience that wants the dedicated server experience.”