Infernal Engine expands to 3DS

Infernal Engine expands to 3DS

By Rob Crossley

February 17th 2011 at 3:36PM

The scalable multiplatform engine to support Nintendoâ??s next handheld

Texan engine vendor Terminal Reality has adapted its tech to fully support Nintendo’s 3DS handheld, the company has said.

The scalable Infernal Engine has been used for game development on numerous platforms, from Wii to PS3.

Xbox 360 and PS3 title Def Jam Rapstar, and the Wii edition of Force Unleashed II, were both built on the tech.

“We are excited to see what Infernal developers have in store for Nintendo 3DS,” said Terminal Reality rep Joe Kreiner.

“Glasses-free 3D changes the game and we are eager to make our mark on the new portable software landscape. The Infernal Engine is one of the most versatile and efficient development solutions on the market and our consistent success is proving it,” he added.