Indie Proletariat moves into Harmonix office

Indie Proletariat moves into Harmonix office
Erik Johnson

By Erik Johnson

June 24th 2014 at 11:50AM

Studio formed by former Zynga devs now working alongside Dance Central team

Harmonix has carved out a section of its office to house local indie studio Proletariat, the studio has announced.

Proletariat was founded by former members of Zynga Boston, following Zynga's closing of the studio in late 2012. The studio was founded by five individuals and has since grown to a dozen staff that boast previous experience working for Harmonix, Insomniac Games, Turbine and EA.

A post on the Harmonix blog reveals the indie studio moved in over this past weekend. Company publicist Nick Chester stressed that there's no business or development relations between Harmonix and Proletariat for either of the studios' projects, and that it's just a case of sharing an office.

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