Immersion unites with amBX for â??multi-sensoryâ?? SDK

Immersion unites with amBX for â??multi-sensoryâ?? SDK

By Rob Crossley

August 18th 2009 at 9:45AM

Force feedback will meet lighting effects in a standardised dev kit

Haptic feedback group Immersion is partnering with amBX to develop a ‘one stop solution’ software development kit.

Initially available for PC, the joint SDK will combine both company’s software solutions, meaning developers will be able to add force feedback and lighting effects to games using the same tool.

“amBX's innovations in ambient effects and our haptic technology are completely complementary; a seamless combination will help developers design more immersive and engaging multi-sensory experiences more quickly and cost effectively,” said Craig Vachon, senior VP of Immersion's Touch business.

A statement released by amBX claims that the PC edition of the SDK will be “freely available” to game developers.