Illuminate Labs joins Emergent's Partner Programme

Illuminate Labs joins Emergent's Partner Programme

By Ed Fear

January 2nd 2009 at 9:48AM

Gamebryo integration now available for Beast lighting tech

Emergent has added Illuminate Labs to its rapidly-growing partner programme.

The deal means that Gamebryo licensees can obtain a tested implementation of Illuminate's Beast lighting technology, which lets artists rapidly take control of lighting, integrating lightmaps, shadow maps and point clouds directly into Gamebryo's GSA files.

“Gamebryo’s widespread use in hundreds of projects on all the major platforms and genres makes Emergent a perfect strategic partner to help spread Beast’s adoption,” said Magnus Wennerholm, CEO of Illuminate Labs.

“When Emergent says that they have a flexible development platform, they mean it. It took no time at all to have Gamebryo and Beast working together.”
Katie Morgan, Emergent's VP of sales and marketing, added: “I was blown away when I saw a scene that already looked great in Gamebryo become intensely multi-dimensional and realistic when we used Beast. Partners like Illuminate Labs are a great fit for Emergent, we have kindred goals that aim to evolve the way games are made.”