IGF competition now open

IGF competition now open

By Rob Crossley

July 10th 2009 at 12:55PM

$50,000 and fame on offer for the most impressive indie talent

Independent Games Festival’s annual indie game competition has opened, event organiser Think Services has announced. 

Aspiring indie talent can submit their games today, with a deadline set for November. Entrants will have to wait until Jan 4, 2010, to find out if their project has made the finals.

A few months later at the 2010 Independent Games Festival – part of the Game Developers Conference – finalist pieces will be available in playable form on the GDC show floor, a couple of days before the ultimate winner is announced at the IGF awards ceremony.

Around $50,000 in prizes is available for finalists, as well as the prestige of winning at Think Services’ progressively prominent indie games competition.

IGF winners have included the likes of music-racer Audiosurf, 2D Boy’s World of Goo and PSN title Everyday Shooter.