IGDA: Langdell is out

IGDA: Langdell is out
Michael French

By Michael French

August 31st 2009 at 8:13PM

Controversial board member resigns

Tim Langdell, notorious in the games industry for accusations of 'trademark trolling' over use of the word Edge, has resigned from the IGDA.

His decision comes following a petition by IGDA members to convene a special meeting to discuss his place on the board.

Langdell had been in a legal battle with French studio Mobigames over the use of the word Edge in an iPhone title. Langdell claims trademark rights over the word and its use in any game-related context, however his decision to doggedly assert the claims led to much criticism.

The IGDA member petition had sparked the decision to hold a meeting in October regarding his involvement in the association, but this has now been cancelled.

No reason was given in the IGDA's statement about his resignation, simply saying it was effective immediately.