IGDA board election cancelled after low turnout

IGDA board election cancelled after low turnout

By Rob Crossley

March 25th 2011 at 11:17AM

Industry association picks most popular candidates to emulate ballot process

The International Game Developers Association has hand-picked five new board members after the process to elect had become void due to low turnout.

A vote to see in new board members returned 1418 votes – representing 18 per cent of the group’s global membership.

That meant the election was just 154 votes short of minimum requirement, and was cancelled. The IGDA had to cancel a similar vote in 2010 after the turnout was as low as 11 per cent of total membership.

“Since we did not meet quorum, the election was declared void and the Board this morning selected the new board members,” read an IGDA statement.

The association selected “the top five vote getters” for the five available board seats.

The five new board members are listed below (individual vote count in brackets)

* Brian Robbins, Founder, Riptide (549)
* Feargus Urquhart, CEO, Obsidian Entertainment (532)
* Dustin Clingman, CEO, ZeeGee Games (517)
* Cordy Rierson, Director, University Talent Development, Microsoft Game Studios (480)
* Scott Berfield, Executive Producer, Center for Serious Play, University of Washington, Bothell (476)