Hardkernal unveils Android open-source handheld

Hardkernal unveils Android open-source handheld
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

September 2nd 2009 at 1:09PM

New Odroid system built on iPhone 3GS CPU

A new open source Android gaming device has emerged, called the Odroid. Created by Hardkernal, the system is built around the same 600MHz Samsung S5PC100 ARM Cortex A8 proceesor that the iPhone 3GS uses.

Aping the open-source model of the GP2X and Pandora handhelds, the Odroid also features a 3.5 inch 320x480 capacitive touchscreen, WiFi b/g, and a 720p-capable HDMI output, reports Slashgear.

The handheld, which will presumably let users create and distribute games, includes a number of D-pad arrangements, does not work as a phone, but, like its aforementioned rivals, boasts a TV out, headphone jack, and both microSD and SD card slots.

No information is yet available on price or release date.