Gree picks up four indie developers

Gree picks up four indie developers
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

August 28th 2012 at 9:58AM

Gamenauts, InfiniDy, Oceanside Interactive and SkyVu become the latest studios to sign up to social gaming platform

Gree has added four more North American indie developers to its roster of social games.

The Japan mobile gaming giant has signed partnerships with Gamenauts, InfiniDy, Oceanside Interactive and SkyVu Entertainment as it further expands its developer base.

The social gaming giant said the deals highlighted its support of indies, whilst devs will be able to harness its platform to integrate features such as leaderboards, tournaments and virtual payments.

“As a distribution partner, Gree is committed to maximising our developers' opportunities for success through our platform technology and best practices knowledge sharing, while ensuring independence and ownership of their intellectual property," said Gree senior director of developer relations Ben Chen.

“There is no doubt that the indie community is responsible for pushing innovation in our industry, and we're incredibly excited to see our new partners excel."

The partnerships follow a busy couple of years for Gree, which as recently as last month signed deals with Hothead Games, Soma Games, SpaceGum and Siuyiu to release titles on its connected gaming platform.

The service now has approximately 230 million users worldwide.