Govt: UK will remain a game industry world leader

Govt: UK will remain a game industry world leader

By Rob Crossley

March 24th 2010 at 5:13PM

Culture minister Bradshaw backs the British sector

The UK government has issued a statement regarding its pivotal decision to incorporate a tax break system into the UK game industry.

In a statement issued to Develop, culture secretary Ben Bradshaw said that the new tax relief scheme will “help Britain remain a world-leader in this important industry."

He added that game tax breaks will protect jobs and support our economic recovery.

“Video games generate £2 billion in retail sales in the UK, and contribute £1 billion to UK GDP and have huge potential for growth.”

Pressure had been mounting on the UK Government and its Chancellor Alistair Darling to keep a water-tight budget that focused on reducing the UK’s alarming budget deficit.

However, in a surprise move, Alistair Darling said that Labour will introduce game tax breaks using a cultural system based on movies.