GDC: Latest version of AI.implant rolls out

GDC: Latest version of AI.implant rolls out
Michael French

By Michael French

March 9th 2007 at 8:15PM

Artificial intelligence tools company Engenuity has released version five of its AI.implant middleware.

A key part of v5 is expanded integration into Unreal Engine 3 which lets developers access the software's physics-aware pathfinding toolset natively within Epic's engine.

The new version also boasts new obstacle traversal and vaulting options for character movement, and the company has placed a special emphasis on cinematic movement that delivers realistic motion for non-player characters.

AI.implant Partners such as EA, Bioware and Midway have already been incorporating these functions into their games.

“AI.implant version 5.0 makes massive destruction and truly open-ended game-play a reality,” said Aaron Davey, director of operations, games and entertainment at Engenuity.

“Our unique Dynamic Path Refinement (DPR) technology is the only pathfinding solution on the market that adapts and responds to ever-changing in-game physics.  This new approach to game-play allows developers to create games with an exponentially higher amount of game content, while side-stepping the laborious work of scripting every possible game-play scenario.”