GDC: All the news in one place

GDC: All the news in one place

By Develop Staff

March 9th 2012 at 7:00PM

Miss anything? Develop lists all the news from the Game Developers Conference 2012

Trying to catch up on the latest GDC news? Below you will find links to each news article, interview and feature that has been published on Develop throughout GDC.

This is a one-stop place for all of Develop’s GDC coverage, as well as opinion pieces from staff as well as Mobile Pie director Will Luton.

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Friday, March 9th

VIDEO: Sony steals the show at GDC with PS Vita's astounding augmented reality tech
Guerrilla working on three new titles
'Paying real money in-game ruins atmosphere'
'Lack of stimulation can enhance game experience'

Ubisoft Toronto to reveal first triple-A game

CD Projekt: 'DRM does not protect your game'

Triple-A push 'a cancerous growth'

Quantic Dream 'open' to being first-party Sony dev

Bleszinksi: 'Indies should develop for PC' opens four new offices in Asia

Thursday, March 8th

Entire game built with GUI tool
Experimental developers make love, not war

UK devs jump onto Zynga platform

Epic wants PC-like hardware settings on iOS

YoYo Games prices GameMaker: Studio

'I'm truly sorry' for Deus Ex bosses says dev

'Consoles will die out in face of new platforms'

PlayStation Move sales soar past ten million

'Consoles must push technical limits to beat Apple'

Video: UE3 startles with next-gen visuals

'Players hate buying virtual currency'

Epic wants next-gen graphics on Flash

Testronic unveils 'end-to-end' dev platform

Ubisoft powers up dev blog The Engine Room

Wednesday, March 7th

OpenNI readies 'natural interaction' dev contest
Valve scpoops three awards for Portal 2

Epic Secures largest Asian UE3 deal yet

Phil Fish honoured with IGF prize
Will Luton's GDC Diary: Day Three
Sony eager to publish free-to-play games
Inafune's call to arms for Japanese devs
Notch making games that will never release
Epic unveils Infinity Blade: Dungeons

Sony Wants to pub-fund PS Vita projects

Sony boasts 90 million PSN accounts
Kickstarter developers 'must excite contributors'
Quantic Dream unveiling next project tonight
NCsoft licenses Unreal Engine 3

Marmalade backs open source engine

Autodesk unveils new AI tools

To middleware or not to middleware

Maxis rebuilds SimCity for 2013 release

Tuesday, March 6th

Will Luton's GDC: Day Two
Crowd sourcing tips from the pros
Havok secures Wii U deal

'Do not ignore how plagiarism harms devs'

Indies' priceless lessons from costly failure

Android Market rebranded Google Play
Partnertrans to open Texas office
New brand launched to promote French games industry

PopCap releases Solitaire Blitz for Facebook

Nintendo licenses Autodesk tech for Wii U devs

Bigpoint opens offices in London and Paris

GDC: 'Digital to make up half of Capcom revenue by 2017'

Devs 'must be willing to make radical changes'

Modo 601 integrates Ikinema Runtime tech

Paradox unveils three new indie IPs

MONDAY, March 5th

Japanese dev mocked 'your games suck'
Standing ovation for Indie Games The Movie
Yves Guillemot's Child of Eden brainwave
RedLynx: Independence can be an illusion

Square Enix opts for Umbra
GDC: Fruit Ninja Kinect hits 1 million downloads
Testronic expands London studio
Electronic Arts opens Gothenburg studio
Will Luton's GDC 2012: Day One

GDC and the death of the gods

Facebook 'paid $1.4bn to devs last year'
Paulina Bozek on gamification's potential
Crytek puzzle game set for iOS and Android
Reverb Publishing licenses Unreal 3
TriOviz releases version 3.0 of SDK
Hansoft announces new free start-up license

Hitman dev to showcase crowd technology
Dates set for GDC 2013


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