GarageGames releases Torque Game Builder 1.7

GarageGames releases Torque Game Builder 1.7
Michael French

By Michael French

February 1st 2008 at 10:41AM

New version of games engine boasts improved editors

A new version of Torque Game Builder has been released by GarageGames.

Version 1.7 offers improved editors for modifying link points and collision polygons and other usability improvements.

Torque 1.7 also includes new methods for dealing with scene objects and a new editor for creating vector objects.

The firm's 360 and Wii engines also now include the 2D functionality of the Torque Game Builder.

"The link point and collision polygon editor improvements are a great example of how a small change can improve the usability of a product and provide a more consistent user experience," explained lead developer Dan Maruschak.