Frostbite 3 powering PGA Tour

Frostbite 3 powering PGA Tour
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

June 9th 2014 at 8:40PM

Tiburon shuns Ignite tech for game engine behind Battlefield

EA Tiburon will be using Frostbite 3 to power its upcoming golf game PGA Tour.

The Frostbite engine previously been used to power the publisher’s blockbuster action titles such as Battlefield and the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition.

Recently EA Sports titles such as Madden and FIFA had begun using a specially designed game engine for its sports IP, Ignite.

PGA Tour will be the first EA Sports title to use the Frostbite 3 engine. The publisher said the tech would mean no loading times and fully rendered environments “that let you explore every inch of the course”.

The trailer also showed one fantasy-style course taking place during a naval battle, with battleships crashing into the course where the golfer was playing.


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