Fork Particle releases SDK version 5

Fork Particle releases SDK version 5
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

May 2nd 2012 at 3:12PM

Effects Director and new user interface included in latest update

Fork particle has released version 5 of its SDK for developers, the middleware company has announced.

New additions to the toolkit include an Effects Director, enabling particle effects sequencing to help users achieve better visual effects, as well as a new user interface.

The Fork Particle engine is designed to help developers create effects such as fire, explosions, spoke and rain in games.

“We find it very exciting to add new cutting edge technology to the Fork Particle toolkit,” said Fork Particle CEO Noor Khawaja.

“In line with how particle system effects can play a vital role to enhance graphics quality in video games and simulations, this major version release will enable exciting movie-like quality special effects sequences for the ultimate impact."