Ex-Zynga Boston staff raise $2.25m for start-up

Ex-Zynga Boston staff raise $2.25m for start-up
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

April 19th 2013 at 10:39AM

Seth Sivak's studio builds fund following the release of its first mobile game

A group of former Zynga Boston staff have raised $2.25m for their new game studio Proletariat.

It raised that amount in equity funding, as found in an SEC filling by the company.

The studio was formed after the sudden closure of Zynga Boston office in Cambridge last October. It had a team of 18 people and was led by executive producer Seth Sivak.

He is now CEO at Proletariat, which focuses on tablet and mobile games and is based at a shared office space in, Intrepid Labs, Cambridge.

Proletariat released its first game, Letter Rush, which is described as an arcade spin on the word find genre, for iPhone and iPad in March this year.