EverQuest joins free-to-play wave

EverQuest joins free-to-play wave
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

January 31st 2012 at 11:38AM

Subscriptions to remain available to customers for extra perks

Sony's fantasy RPG EverQuest is to become the latest MMO to join the free-to-play wave.

The 12-year old game will be going free to users in early March, but players will still be able to pay for subscription and Silver memberships for extra perks.

Users will also receive a Welcome Pack at the free-to-play launch containing in-game items.

“EverQuest players are some of the most loyal, long-standing players of any MMO in existence,” said EverQuest producer Thom Terrazas.

“With the gaming landscape changing every day, we want to ensure we continue to evolve the game to keep players engaged and bring in even more new players to further expand the community.

“With no up-front costs or required membership, we might see a new player or two along the way, and more people is always a good thing.”

EverQuest joins titles such as Star Trek Online, DC Universe and All Points Bulletin: Reloaded in adopting the free model.