Eutechnyx: We all benefit from Zynga's success

Eutechnyx: We all benefit from Zynga's success
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

May 10th 2012 at 4:38PM

Social giant has given investors faith in games developers

Eutechnyx COO Darren Jobling has told Develop that he believes numerous studios can benefit from Zynga's tremendous success.

Talking in an interview looking at the creation of browser driving game Auto Club Revolution, Jobling said investors have a new faith in games developers as a result of Zynga's infamous fortune, and recommended that now is an ideal time to restructure a studio.

"There are huge opportunities now," Jobling said. "If you’re thinking about changing your business, now is the time to do it. I think with the success of Zynga, there is money available for this type of project from investors. If you can have a compelling story, a compelling concept and you can back it up with strategic relationships, now is the time to be making that sort of move. It’s like there is a gap in the traffic, but pretty soon that gap is going to close."

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