Eutechnyx appoints Codeplay for damage tech

Eutechnyx appoints Codeplay for damage tech

By Rob Crossley

April 12th 2011 at 2:43PM

Promising Nascar project features in-game damage 'never before seen'

Longstanding UK indies Eutechnyx partnered with Scottish tech firm Codeplay for its upcoming Nascar project, the companies have announced.

Codeplay helped engineer the game's real-time car damage system, and promises the tech can “accurately simulate fully deformable metal damage, empowering visually stunning effects, to an extent never before seen in a video game”.

The work marked a significant step for Codeplay, which has hitherto offered more general pipeline tools for project optimisation. The Scottish company had developers work offsite at Eutechnyx for over 14 months.

“We hope the game industry will see Codeplay as the go-to company for sophisticated technical outsourcing and that this will be the first of many collaborations with developers,” said Codeplay CEO Andrew Richards.

“Codeplay consistently deliver great work on time and on budget,” said Eutechnyx executive producer Dave Thompson.