Epic profiles free Unreal Development Kit

Epic profiles free Unreal Development Kit
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

January 12th 2010 at 5:12PM

Marc Rein details the free, accessible games making tech from Epic

In the latest chapter in his ongoing Epic Diaries for Develop, Marc Rein has given a deailed overview of the Unreal Development Kit.

Designed to suit students, hobbyists and anyone else interested in creating 3D games, visulisation and simulations, UDK is free to all those using it for non-commercial purposes.

"Unreal Engine 3 is a constantly evolving game engine, and UDK contains all the most recently added features and technological enhancements, including many that have yet to be seen in an Unreal Engine game," revealed Marc.

In his feature, Rein looks at UDK's feature set, and explains how those who use the tool can receive help and support in myriad ways, through forums, documentation and tutorials.

Epic has conceived UDK so that it can be easily incorporated into the curricular of institutions already using Unreal tech.

To read the full feature, and learn how to download UDK or contact Marc for more details, click here.