Emerging Entertainment on outsourcing binge

Emerging Entertainment on outsourcing binge

By Ed Fear

December 18th 2007 at 9:32AM

Singaporean developer teams with four new content partners

Emerging Entertainment has teamed up with four outsourcing partners to create a next-generation title for PC and consoles.

‘Troll & Armor’, billed as a fantasy action-adventure, will be created as a collaboration with Beijing’s Blackbow Studio, Chengdu’s MythicFlame and Roc Chen, and Philippines-based Ladyluck Digital Media.

"These partnerships will give us a competitive edge in productivity, creativity and cost structure. I believe one of the challenges to triple-A titles in the future will be getting costs under control while still delivering the quality that people expect from a next-gen title," said Cornel Hillmann, managing director of Emerging Entertainment.

"We selected partners after visiting numerous studios in Asia and selected only the very best. We see a new and incredibly powerful creative pool in China and the Philippines emerging that will be sure to have a powerful impact on the worldwide game industry."