Emergent deal for LEGO Universe

Emergent deal for LEGO Universe

By Rob Crossley

May 25th 2010 at 11:44AM

LightSpeed platform in use for LEGO MMO project

Emergent has revealed a licensing deal it signed with the studio building the upcoming online game LEGO Universe.

The Gamebryo engine vendor signed an agreement with Colorado-based studio NetDevil, allowing the studio to use Emergent’s LightSpped engine to build the LEGO MMO.

“The best part about Emergent’s tech was that we were able to get the artists producing actual content within the first month of the project,” said NetDevil technical director Erik Urdang.

He added, “We evaluated other engines and chose Gamebryo for its render pipe and memory management features, in addition to the significant engineering support which allowed us to optimize the technology.”