E3 2014: Uncharted 4 teased for 2015

E3 2014: Uncharted 4 teased for 2015
James Batchelor

By James Batchelor

June 10th 2014 at 3:49AM

Naughty Dog's action series returns next year with A Thief's End

Sony offered Uncharted fans a brief glimpse at the next entry in the series during its E3 press conference.

It's already common knowledge that series creator Naughty Dog is hard at work on a fourth outing for Nathan Drake, but now we know its name - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Despite the dramatic title, we doubt it's the end for the best-selling franchise.

The teaser trailer didn't show much, other than a injured Drake washing up on the shores of a jungle river, while a voiceover confirmed that he and Sully are working together again.

The end of the teaser confirmed that Uncharted 4 will be released in 2015, and it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.


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