Dyack to de-Knight himself?

Dyack to de-Knight himself?
Michael French

By Michael French

May 19th 2008 at 3:15PM

Silicon Knights boss could hire replacement president so he can focus on IP creation

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has said that he plans to hand over the control over his studio to a new president to allow him to focus on creating new ideas.

"I've been involved in a lot of IP creation within Silicon Knights and as the company grows, I have to look at whether I want to continue to be president and director, and I'm leaning towards staying creative," Dyack told GameDaily last week.

"I'll certainly lend a hand wherever I can but there's...going to [be] a director for every project. So, in the end as the company grows, for my role I'll probably hire someone to be my boss and help run the company, which is kind of a weird thing, and I actually won't run the company while I continue to work at what is the company's bread and butter, which is original IPs with great stories and game concepts that are provocative to gamers."

Too Human, the first in Silicon Knights' new trilogy of titles for the 360, is due later this year.