DSi and PSP 3000 under analysis

DSi and PSP 3000 under analysis
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

February 2nd 2009 at 11:04AM

An in depth look at the handheld hardware revisions

Today’s feature takes a look at the significance of the latest handheld hardware revisions, comparing the relative merits of the DSi and PSP 3000.

With both Sony and Nintendo focusing on their respective consoles it may be 2010 – or likely even later – before the market sees completely new handheld formats. In the meantime, the public will have to make do with recently released PSP 3000, and the forthcoming DSi, which adds dual cameras, and SD card slot and improved screens.

The in depth focus on the two handhelds details the new features, and questions whether they have repeated the mistakes of their forbearers. The threat of the iPhone, and the PSP 3000’s rather understated improvements are also addressed, as it the significance of the DSiWare download store.

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