DIRECTV deal for Denki

DIRECTV deal for Denki
Michael French

By Michael French

May 23rd 2007 at 12:30PM

Scottish studio Denki will see some of its set-top-box games hit the US following a deal with DIRECTV.

The broadcaster is the single largest digital TV service in the world, and now boasts Denki's content as a key part of its new Game Lounge offer.

Colin Anderson, Denki's MD, commented: “Gaming on digital television is very popular in Europe. It enjoys a very broad range of games players, including a high percentage of female and mature users, who are not traditionally considered 'gamers'. Digital television allows viewers to interact with their favorite shows, characters and brands in an entirely new way, through a medium – and controller – they're very comfortable with. It's an exciting new platform to work with and its potential is huge.

"DIRECTV has created an exciting new service for its users. Game Lounge offers a wide range of content that is unique in the United States. We are delighted to be developing games for their service and we look forward to viewers across America enjoying Denki developed games.”