Develop Quiz: Are you the King of the North?

Develop Quiz: Are you the King of the North?
James Batchelor

By James Batchelor

August 18th 2014 at 10:26AM

Prove your worth at the ultimate battle of wits: The Newcastle Develop Quiz

Are you smarter than Eutechnyx? Brainier than Reflections? More intelligent than Epic Games UK?

Then sign up for the first ever Newcastle edition of The Develop Quiz, which will be held in just three weeks.

The evening will see local studios competing in a heated (but friendly) competition of tricky brain teasers and semi-obscure trivia about video games, current affairs, popular culture and more.

Want a taste of the type of questions asked? Play our May quiz online by clicking here.

Teams will also be treated to a night of free booze and top notch pub grub. There will also be some fantastic prizes up for grabs, including the coveted Develop Quiz trophy (pictured in all its shinyness above).

The Newcastle Develop Quiz will be held at The Charles Grey on Wednesday, September 3rd. To book your place, contact or call her on 01992 535646.

The quiz will be sponsored by Ubisoft Reflections. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, contact or call him on 01992 515303.