Denki: 'Games industry future up for grabs'

Denki: 'Games industry future up for grabs'
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

August 24th 2009 at 12:31PM

Scotland poised to seize the opportunity

In a feature written exclusively for Develop by Denki's Brian Baglow, the studio's so-called 'speaky talky blokey’ has suggested that with the industry at a pivotal moment in its ongoing history, Scotland is poised to lead the change.

"There’s a growing recognition among the studios, universities and related organisations that the future is no longer going to be dictated by mega corporations on the other side of the world," claimed Baglow, speaking about the Scottish games industry's collective opinion.

"The future of the games industry is up for grabs. Direct relationships with consumers are now not just possible, but desirable – and developers can no longer be content with just creating content and waiting for someone else to distribute it, market it and deal with the happy/satisfied/angry/confused punter at the other end of the transaction. Much of what’s happening in Scotland right now reflects this," added the curiously-titled Denki staffer.

To read Baglow's in-depth overview of the Scottish development industry and related initiatives, click here.