D.I.C.E Summit is â??small by designâ??, says AIAS

D.I.C.E Summit is â??small by designâ??, says AIAS
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

February 5th 2009 at 3:29PM

Event organiser Joseph Olin puts focus on 'philosopy, not the games'

We've just posted up our interview with Joseph Olin, president of The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, about the D.I.C.E Summit and what it offers attendees.

In part one of an the extensive piece, Olin goes over the highlights of the event, which offers an alternative to typical industry events that focus on big name titles and huge numbers of visitors.

“It’s kept small by design to facilitate interaction between game makers. The primary focus of our invited presenters is their collective expertise within the world of game design and production,” explained Olin.

“The topics are on the philosophy that drives one’s work and usually not about 'their games' specifically. We see the Summit as an opportunity for game creators to share diverse points of view on game-craft as well as challenging each other to elevate our collective body at work.”

To read the first part of the interview in it’s entirety, click here.