Curve Studios: Tax break means big investments

Curve Studios: Tax break means big investments

By Stuart Richardson

March 24th 2010 at 5:36PM

London studio look to the future after budget announcement

Curve Studios MD Jason Perkins told Develop that he had high hopes for the games industry after today’s budget.

“It’s a great day for UK games development. If it works similarly to the tax credits enjoyed by the domestic film industry, it’ll mean a lot of investment coming in, which will help a growing company like ours immeasurably,” he said.

“Plus, the Conservatives’ efforts to understand the games industry make me think that they won’t stand in the way of it if they end up assuming control later this year. So, while it’s still early days, it’s definitely a cause for celebration!”

Curve are a small, London-based indie studio currently working on their first self-published title Explodemon.