Cubic Motion to share TV sound and picture studio

Cubic Motion to share TV sound and picture studio

By Rob Crossley

June 12th 2009 at 12:01PM

The new 3D â??performance-captureâ?? animation studio to share services with TV specialist Hullabaloo

New 3D performance capture venture Cubic Motion has opened a new facility in Manchester co-located with TV sound and picture studio Hullabaloo.

Cubic Motion – founded by three former executives from the 3D facial animation specialist Image Metrics – announced its arrival back in May.

Looking ahead, co-founder Mike Jones sees much benefit in integrating with a TV production studio.

“Being on site with Hullabaloo allows us to seamlessly combine performance capture services with the outstanding audio facilities and experience of Hullabaloo, giving clients the option of integrated capture under one roof and at the same time."

"From a customer perspective, being able to outsource to a facility capable of dealing with all aspects of a production is a big win.”

Hullabaloo – the studio behind sound and pictures for many successful children's TV shows – returned the compliment, with Managing Director Darren Cox explaining:

“We are very pleased to welcome Cubic Motion to the studio; their unique services add an important new capability, offering clients involved in performance capture the chance to simplify their productions by reducing the number of external partners they have to co-ordinate”.