Crytek buys Black Sea Studios

Crytek buys Black Sea Studios

By Ed Fear

July 22nd 2008 at 11:53AM

Bulgarian developer to be renamed Crytek Black Sea

Crysis developer Crytek has purchased Bulgarian outfit Black Sea Studios.

As part of the deal, the studio will be renamed Crytek Black Sea, but will remain based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It previously created Knights of Honor and Worldshift.

"We think the acquisition of Black Sea Studios is a great opportunity to continue our strategic growth and expansion," said Avni Yerli, managing director of Crytek.

"Black Sea Studios already has a very qualified and experienced development team in place and will be continually expanded in capacity to join our tradition of producing highly innovative and creative games which Crytek is known for."

Vesselin Handjiev, managing director of Crytek Black Sea, added: "Joining the Crytek family was a logical step for us as we think it is a perfect match. We are confident that our team has the creativity and passion to further contribute in creating innovative and enjoyable games. We are fascinated about this opportunity and we are looking forward to work in this new exciting environment as Crytek Black Sea."