Cross-platform SDK gets $12m in funding

Cross-platform SDK gets $12m in funding
Seth Tipps

By Seth Tipps

February 24th 2012 at 4:49PM

Game Closure rejects offers from Facebook, Zynga, Gree, and Motorola

Game Closure, a Javascript SDK which enables cross-platform development in four to six weeks, has received $12 million dollars in series A funding.

Tech Crunch claims the team rejected offers to the tune of $100 million dollars from major industry players like Facebook, Zynga, Gree, and Motorola.

Game Closure launched in February of 2011 at Stanford's student-run startup accelerator, and gained notoriety at Google's I/O labs by launching their first game, Popstar Defence, in five weeks.

Demonstrating that their tools could create a working HTML 5 game in so little time attracted more than attention; investors raised $1 million in seed funding for the fledgling startup.

Game Closure claims that all studios need to do is learn to use standard HTML5 technologies, and their system will host and deploy their games on every relevant platform.