Creative Assembly Australia picks Parabuild

Creative Assembly Australia picks Parabuild

By Ed Fear

August 28th 2007 at 3:41PM

Build management tool to be used on undisclosed projects

The Creative Assembly Australia has started to use the Parabuild software management release system in the development of its titles.

The tool, built by Californian developer Viewtier, builds and manages software releases for multiple platforms across distributed sites.

Artem Kulakov, lead programmer at Creative Assembly Australia, said: "When we were starting our current project we did an evaluation of build server solutions. We sought for a stable release management system integrated with Perforce to support multiplatform game development and Parabuild looked like the best option.

"Parabuild is a critical part of our development process. As our build and release management solution, Parabuild plays a significant role in our ability to produce reliable builds, keeping us ahead of competition."