Codemasters hatches plan to bring Dizzy back

Codemasters hatches plan to bring Dizzy back

By Rob Crossley

November 22nd 2011 at 12:11PM

Oliver brothers' breakthrough Spectrum game to return

Codemasters is to publish a new title under the Dizzy brand, the company has said.

Dizzy is the brainchild of Andrew and Philip Oliver – a breakthrough adventure game that kick started the Oliver bothers’ prosperous 25 years in game development.

The Dizzy franchise has been relatively dormant since its success during the ‘80s, but it appears Codemasters sees new opportunity for the adventure title.

It is not known whether the new Dizzy title will be a remake of an original, or a new project entirely.

The recent proliferation of digital and mobile games portals – which tend to provide far less risk than traditional retail models - may have spurred Codemasters’ decision to re-release the project.

A formal announcement is expected tomorrow.