Catch up on Gamescom/GDC Europe news

Catch up on Gamescom/GDC Europe news

By Develop

August 21st 2009 at 4:15PM

All the developer news that matters, right here:

Wednesday Aug 19

Namco unveils new Ninja Theory/Game Republic IP
Bigpoint chooses Xsens’ unique mo-cap tech
Creative Assembly returns to Total War
Naughty Dog awaits PS3 Jak project
Kojima Productions adopts co-op for MGS
Scoreloop offers free iPhone 'game-connecting' SDK
Interplay to resurrect Earthworm Jim
Molyneux unveils Fable 3
Gamebryo goes online with Emergent's first key update

Tuesday Aug 18

Minis to bring iPhone-style gaming model to PSP
EA: 'FIFA 10 will be the greatest football game ever'
Cage: 'We need to get censorship back to normal'

CCP's GDC Europe keynote: the tweetscript
Gameforge MMOs boosted by Xaitment AI
CCP unveils Dust 514 at GDC Europe
Crytek: No real graphical gains until 2012

Monday Aug 17

Remedy offers tips for making successful IP
Splash Damage questions the need to own IP
Black Rock Studio blasts 'rubber-banding'
Dyack: Cloud computing will preserve IP
Aurora Blade team unveils new project